Connect America is proud to be the nation’s largest independent provider of Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS), as well as a leader in Patient Access Services. Our mission is simple: to ensure our customers reap the vital and at times, life-saving benefits of living in a connected world.

What makes us a PAS industry leader

Industry Experts

Connect America has a long history of working within the healthcare industry. Unlike other Patient Access Solutions providers, we are 100% focused on healthcare, so we’ve been able to learn the ins and outs of the industry, keep up with the ever-changing landscape and commit to understanding the everyday challenges you face, so we can work with you to solve them.


Strategically located, our multiple healthcare call centers are able to work together seamlessly to ensure business continuity in the event of a natural disaster or power failure. While we have never had a call center go down, we are prepared in the event that it happens. Our business is to ensure yours goes uninterrupted and that your patients always have a point of access.


From answering calls for individual doctor’s offices to a complete integration with full-scale hospitals and healthcare systems, we have the ability to handle the needs of your organization, whatever they may be.


Whether you’re only looking for daytime overflow call-handling to supplement your existing patient access center or to outsource the entirety of it, we can build a customized suite of solutions that best meets your organization’s goals and the needs of those in your care.

Who we help

Our fully customizable, scalable solutions are perfect for every type of healthcare facility, including:

Large Hospitals and Healthcare Systems

Physician Practices

Medical Equipment or Delivery Companies

Home Healthcare Agencies

Hospice Organizations


Surgical Centers

Retail Clinics

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